Candy Waves

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Candy Waves

Colored pencil, Framed



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Tony Allen is a self-taught artist from Sacramento, California, whose passion for the arts began at the early age of 3 years old. While other kids played outside, Tony spent hours and hours of his childhood inside his bedroom, creating original art late into the night. Beyond his early days of meticulously coloring inside his coloring book lines, Tony has expanded his love and knowledge of art, and attention to detail, to a professional level in his adult life. Tony has exhibited his artwork at numerous art galleries in Northern California, as well as curated art shows, and hosted art parties. He is an active community organizer, a stanch supporter of Sacramento’s local art scene and has participated in several local art charities. Additionally, he has taken his passion for the arts outside U.S. boarders, traversing the globe while visiting some of the world’s most infamous art museums for the sake of furthering his knowledge of art history and technique. Tony’s art is usually categorized as “lowbrow” and ranges in subject matter from light-hearted fun to cynical to deeply thought-provoking or even extremely controversial. His art mediums may include, but are not limited to, wood, glass, mirrors, and pen & ink, though he tends to exclusively use acrylic paint and/or colored pencils. Tony’s primary artistic influences are people, personal experience, and all degrees of life itself.

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