“Outside the Box” – LuCretia Reeves

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Framed 22×28″ painting by LuCretia Reeves @lola_lucyart.

The concept for “Outside the Box” came after a detailed painting I was curating met an untimely demise. After days of trying to express my frustration with the world and the inequality within it, on canvas, I realized that I was overthinking. While struggling to create this new artwork it hit me and the answer was simple, think outside the box. So understated but powerful. The skin represents multicultural backgrounds as we come in many different tones and from various backgrounds.  Glasses represent the sight that allows us see the reality of our world and the ability to form our own opinions. The bottom portion of the box stops just above the lips as we should always execute a  detailed thinking process before we speak our casted judgements. The uneven ears represent our skewed listening abilities that sometimes lead to our demise. As members of the human race, we should seek to advance our world by seeing things for what they truly are, speak out when injustices are done and mean what we say. Listen to understand and not always to respond, and most importantly, we should think outside the box.

Currently based in North Carolina and with more than 250 hand painted artworks to date, artist LuCretia Reeves seems to have a way with creative expression.  Painted on various sized surfaces, the work is usually a display of abstract faces with colorful combinations and bold prints that are steeped in West African and American cultural influences.  Since 2011 when she officially created her first piece, the preferred mediums have been opaque and heavy bodied pigments on stretched canvas.  Techniques vary from finger painting, using palette knives and homemade texture mediums to build dimension. Though most pieces appear to be chaotic,  every painting is carefully thought out and executed to leave room for imaginative interpretation.

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