Draught Season and Oak Park Brewing Co. are part of the Beer Is Black History national beer collaboration to shine the light on the <1% in the craft beer industry! Inspired by the origins of the first known beer recipe dating back to 3900 B.C. Mesopotamia, this collaboration is your opportunity to amplify the voices of the underrepresented in the industry with a beer crafted for all.

Be part of getting the message out. Check out the Draught Season website to purchase merch. Visit Crafted For All to learn about creating inclusive, equitable, and just spaces and experiences in the beer industry.

If you are a brewery, be part of this collaboration.

1. Email contact@opbrewco.com to connect.

2. Brew a beer that represents YOU! You are taking action and helping change the craft beer industry for the better.

3. Use the Beer is Black History template attached. Add your logo & beer info and add a background that represents you (examples attached for reference). The goal of this beer collaboration is retail store placement! Let’s place black history on public display and get the message out!

4.  Release your beer sometime in February for Black History Month! We know this is short notice but get this on your production schedule now. Or use a beer you already brewed and can with this label.

5. Take photos/videos and post on all media outlets! Tag @draughtseason, @opbrewco, @peoplesbeer. We will share!

Beer Is Black History